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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 03 Apr 2012

Passwords and other account details are something you must not leave laying around for anyone to find. The best way to protect this information is to use a password manager. It is much more effective than writing your passwords in a notebook and hiding it. Password Safe lets you organize your accounts in an explorer like window and protect them with a master password. It also provides a series of tools for accessing your online accounts quickly, without typing a username and password.

The setup file's size is under 5 Mb and the installation process will take only a few seconds to complete, even on slower systems. You can run the program on different Windows versions without installing additional tools or drivers.

Password Safe lets you create new entries for online accounts, credit card PINs, software licenses and more. Each account type can be created with separate options on the toolbar. A tabbed window will show up, where you may insert the details of your accounts. Depending on the account type, you can type in its name, username, password, card number, PIN and so on.

Once created, the account will appear as an entry in a tree structure, on the left side of the interface. You may create new folders where you can move the account with drag and drop actions, just like in Windows Explorer. If you select an account, its details will be displayed on the larger area on the right. The password will be displayed with special characters, so there is no need to worry if someone is looking over your shoulder. When logging into an account, you can just click and drag the username and password from the interface to the designated fields on the web page.

A good reason to use Password Safe is its auto-fill feature. It can be configured for individual accounts and it will fill in the sign in information automatically. You can set it up under a different tab in the new entry window. The auto-fill feature simulates keystrokes according to a sequence of actions which you can select. It may sound complicated, but it's not. You will have to specify a log in page by clicking and dragging a crosshair over it. The rest of the settings are made automatically, so you can click the Next button all the way to the last step. When you access the sign in page, a small window will appear and you only need to click the username field and click the OK button on the new window.


Installing Password Safe will take only a few seconds. It will protect your account details with strong encryption protocols and a master password. Its features will prevent anyone from learning your passwords, even if they are next to you when using the computer.


There is no backup feature available if you lose your master password. You will just have to delete the database and create a new one. Password Safe will keep your account details safe from anyone. Using its simple and effective features, no one will find out your passwords or PINs.

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